Pontoons & Gangways

Pontoons that are a cut above the rest

Since 1986 The Jetty Specialist have worked tirelessly to develop designs using a mix of tried-and-tested as well as newer, innovative concepts and materials to create a brand of pontoons that is simply a cut above the rest.


A floating pontoon with hinged gangway remains the most cost effective, safe and value-for-money solution when looking to moor your boat at a private residence. Pontoons can be installed in a multitude of configurations, shapes and sizes and can be designed to suit everything from a small aluminium dinghy to large recreational and commercial vessels.


Some of the key differences in our pontoons are:


  • They can’t rust – no black or galvanized steel in any of our pontoons or componentry
  • High strength piles designed specifically for your location
  • Australian, marine grade (6351 T5) aluminium external frame
  • Polyurethane pontoon connector system – each 300mm connector is strong enough to lift 4 landcruisers!
  • Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) concrete reinforcing bars
  • 100-125mm thick concrete deck
  • High quality fender and accessories to compliment your investment


We take care of all of it for you: Design, Approvals, Engineering, Fabrication & Construction.

Make contact with us today to see how we do things differently.

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