Quality Management System Policy

Continually Improving Our Processes
Quality Assurance

At The Jetty Specialist, we have a stringent quality management system to keep ourselves on our toes and have been accredited by ISO 9001 since 2002. This management system helps us to ensure that we are actively measuring and improving our performance and quality. We utilise this system from the stages at the manufacturing facility all the way through the construction stages.

Our quality management system includes:

  • A detailed analysis of client specifications
  • An understanding of industry and client needs
  • The careful control of quality during design, production, assembly and installation
  • Close monitoring of our clients’ level of satisfaction after completion of work

Our quality management system is based on the Australian Standard AZ/NZS ISO 9001, which:

  • Contains detailed processes used for training staff and monitoring quality
  • Defines criteria and resources to ensure processes are effective and compliant
  • Defines quality objectives and reviews processes
  • Is regularly reviewed for continuing suitability and ensuring high work standards

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