Did You know We Offer a Full Turnkey Marine Design and Construction Service?

What is Marine Design & Construction?

The Jetty Specialist specialises in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of heavy duty and high-quality pontoons, jetties, footbridges, ferry terminals, wharves, boardwalks and marinas.

As a highly regarded Design and Construct company, we pride ourselves in specialising in all forms of maritime projects and proudly service all areas of Australia. Design and construct are very broad terms, this is why we have broken them down to explain what they mean in our business.

What do we mean by Design?

  • This is where we conceptualise an idea for a client
  • Then we test the idea with:
    • Our engineers – for suitability/strength
    • Our clients – for approval of the concept
    • Pricing it – to ensure its feasibly possible
    • Improving it – how can we make this even better? Can we innovate?
  • Then we detail the intricacies of the design
  • Then we ensure it is buildable
  • Finally, our engineers give the final approval for construction

What do we mean by Construction?

This can involve any or all the following:

  • Structural aluminium work
  • Structural Steel work
  • Pile driving and piling works
  • Concrete and grouting works
  • Trucks, cranage and logistics
  • Carpentry and fit out trades
  • Services, pontoon & jettying lighting, fire services or the like

What is involved in the full turnkey service?

Our full turnkey service involves handling everything for you from the design & Statutory Approvals, to the project management, construction, and even maintenance. We work closely with developers, Governments, operators, engineers, and contractors on a project specific basis to assess market conditions, site constraints, client needs and environmental factors. We pride ourselves on a hassle-free project delivering exceptional project outcomes.

Our skills in Marine Structure design & construction ensures that our clients always maximise the return on their investment.

Is this all completed in-house?

The Jetty Specialist has a team of dedicated project managers and draftspersons in house, who develop conceptual solutions to meet our client’s unique needs.

We then team up with experienced coastal, geotechnical and structural engineers who ensure our designs are meeting all Australian Standards.

Who would primarily benefit from this service?

The groups who benefit from our full Turnkey service are:

  • Governments
  • Developers
  • Construction Companies

What makes this service highly effective & different?

We are strict in following our successful format highlighted below, which ensures any job runs smoothly and is most effective for our clients.

  • Client consultation to define needs and expectations
  • Development of concept plans for client approval
  • Engineering consultation and certification of the designs
  • Development of detailed drawings or renders
  • Final development and design sign-off by client
  • Submission of the necessary statutory applications for approvals
  • Final development approval
  • Project management and detailed planning
  • Construction planning phase
  • Safe construction and project delivery (proactive monitoring & construction management)
  • Practical Completion & Handover

Our designs and solutions ensure a marine structure can be built efficiently and create winning solutions for our clients. For example, recently we redesigned a concrete jetty project by shortening the pile spacings from 11m to 7m, this removed the need for additional lifting equipment, and we were able to use our own cranes. This allowed us to provide a considerable cost saving for our client without compromising quality and in fact, provided additional benefit.

If you want to learn more, here are some successful projects that have utilised out full turnkey service:

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