Did You Know… Our Pontoons Can’t Rust?

Our pontoons don’t use steel reinforcement because it corrodes. Instead, we use Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) reinforcing bars with a thick concrete deck for strength and stability. This means our pontoons can’t rust as there is no black or galvanized steel in any of our pontoons or componentry.

What are the Differences in Our Pontoons?

  • Our high strength piles are designed specifically for your location
  • We use Australian, marine grade (6351 T5) aluminium external frames
  • Our polyurethane pontoon connector system – each 300mm connector is strong enough to lift 4 landcruisers!
  • Our system uses a 100-125mm thick concrete deck
  • We use high quality custom fender and accessories to compliment your investment
  • Our Innovative design profile gives our pontoons extreme strength, making us a cut above the rest.
  • We physically test our products (pictured right)

What are the Types of Pontoons Do We Design & Produce?

Piled pontoons (pictured left) – used where a large vessel or high environmental loads exist.

Cable braced pontoon (pictured left) – a cost effective solution in sheltered waterways.

Strut braced pontoon (pictured left) – a cost effective solution in sheltered waterways.

Dry berth pontoon (pictured left) – where boats up to 2tonne can be berthed on the pontoon.


Aluminium Deck Pontoons – if you are in a creek or shallow waterway where there is the possibility of pontoon grounding at low tides, you should consider our light weight aluminium deck pontoons.

Did You Know We Offer a Wide Range of Accessories?

The Jetty Specialist have a wide range of accessories designed to suit our tough Aussie conditions. We build and supply high quality, long lasting products of all kinds including:
  • Kayak racks
  • Fish cleaning stations
  • Ladders
  • Electrical / light pedestal units
  • Kayak steps – to assist with entering a Kayak or Rowing boat from your pontoon, these sit approximately 200mm freeboard
    • Freeboard is the term used to describe height above water? This measurement is usually 400mm for standard residential pontoons but can be customised to suit your needs
  • And Much More

Did You Know We Design and Construct Decks and Jetties?

  • We can construct these in a range of different materials including timber, aluminium and concrete
  • Can design to provide access to gangway to pontoon
A pontoon and deck adds significant value to your home and is designed to be long lasting and low maintenance There is simply no better way to enjoy your waterfront home than a lazy afternoon hanging out over the water. Call us today and start enjoying your property to its full potential.

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