Case Study – Mission Beach Project

The Specifics of the Job:

Client: The Department of Transport & Main Roads

Location: Mission Beach, Queensland

Onsite Construction: March 2020 – September 2020

The Brief:

The Department of Transport and Main Roads are delivering the works in two phases. The contract for the delivery of phase 2 of the project was awarded to The Jetty Specialist in May 2019. 

With the existing jetty being damaged during cyclone Yasi, a new jetty has been long awaited for Mission Beach. The Jetty Specialist were able to design a visually appealing Jetty with robust pontoon infrastructure to complement the existing amenity and character of Mission Beach. The Design and Construction has taken 6 months with the last of our works (two Aluminium pontoons) recently being completed.

The work included in phase 2 of this project entails the construction of:

  • An Access Jetty – 140m Long
    • Pairs of 610mm steel CHS piles at 7m spans
    • Cast insitu concrete headstocks
    • Pre-tensioned concrete deck units
    • Concrete deck slab with aluminium guardrail
    • Bunded area for refuelling
    • Security gates for access control
  • 2 Berthing Pontoons – 30m long x6m wide
    • Aluminium plate construction
    • Designed as “heavy weather craft”, custom designed and built for this project – monolithic construction
  • 2 Floating Walkway’s
    • TJS’s GFRP reinforced concrete pontoon modules, including a custom walkway built specifically to replace the existing central floating walkway
  • 6 Pen Berths
  • 5 Swing Moorings
  • Navigational infrastructure

The Key Outcomes for This Project:

  • Improve boating infrastructure
  • Enable joint commercial and recreational usage
  • Respect the rich natural environment and cultural heritage of Mission Beach
  • Support the Mission Beach community by assisting the re-establishment of a reef-based tourist market
  • Provide improved recreational boating facilities

The Current Status of This Project:

The Jetty Specialist have now reached Practical Completion and have achieved:

  • Robust design
  • On time project delivery
  • Under budget
  • Maintaining access for public during the works

As part of the final piece in our 6 month long project for the Department of Transport & Main Roads, we had to figure out how to get 2 large aluminium pontoons from Caloundra to Mission Beach. These pontoons were loaded onto a truck and transported to Brisbane where they were loaded onto a semi-submersible barge (see the green, red, white barge in the first photo below), before being towed 1,500 km to site. The voyage took 112hrs, 6 crew members, and approximately 5 days of non-stop steaming
(see photo to the right).

Travel map

Once arriving at Mission Beach, the barge’s 4 ballast tanks (shown on the corners) fill with water, allowing the barge to submerge for easy removal of the 2 Pontoon Structures (see photos below).

These pontoons are connected via hinged gangways to the 140m long, 6m wide concrete jetty we have just constructed (see photo below).


The Jetty specialist are extremely proud to have designed and constructed this infrastructure that supports the Mission Beach community by assisting the re-establishment of a reef-based tourist market.


This project was delivered under a “design and construct” agreement, a space where we provide extreme value and exceptional outcomes for our clients.


The Jetty Specialist used the below areas of our business to complete this project:

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