The Jetty Specialist is launching a new platform!

With over 30 years’ experience within the construction industry, we realised our clients need an easier way to order bridges and gangways. 

The traditional process of buying a gangway is inefficient and costly. The Jetty Specialist knew there must be an easier way. The idea of an app for clients that could save time and money compared to the traditional design then build process was an opportunity for us and our clients to take a step into the future of construction. 

Introducing A-WAY. 

A-WAY is an online program that allows you to customise a bridge, get a quote and place an order in under a minute. The product is then built and delivered to you on time and within budget. A-WAY offers over 30,000 configurations for uses such as access ways, pedestrian bridges, cycle bridges, maintenance access, covered walkways, and on-ground access. 

A-WAY is the faster, smarter, cost-effective option for your next bridge. Our designs are engineered to Australian Standards and come with full engineering certification and signed plans. 

All A-WAY products use Marine Grade Aluminium 6351-T5. Aluminium is lightweight, non-corrosive, and infinitely recyclable. Our bridges have great strength to weight ratio, are UV stable and long lasting. Our products are engineered to last with 100-year design life, without major maintenance. 

A-WAY is now available for you to configure and get pricing online at our website and app.



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