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For more than 30 years The Jetty Specialist (TJS) have been at the forefront of innovative floating and fixed marine structure design. From small, rota-moulded polyethylene pontoons to 600-berth marinas, water intakes and public infrastructure, The Jetty Specialist has extensive experience and an in-house design team to suit project needs.

What Do the In-House Jetty Design Team Do?

The experienced in-house design team at The Jetty Specialist work closely with the client to conceptualise their Jetty design idea.

Once the concept design is approved by the client it is taken to be tested with TJS Expert Engineers for suitability and strength. The client is at the centre of each step and nothing progressing without their approval.

The design team then work through pricing to ensure it is possible and the last step is to see if there is any scope to innovate and make the design even better for the client.


Our Design partners

TJS has a team of dedicated draftspersons in house, developing conceptual solutions to our client’s unique needs. We then team up with experienced coastal, geotechnical and structural engineers who ensure our designs are meeting all Australian Standards.

TJS Partners
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