Capability Statement

Principal Businesses

The Jetty Specialist is versatile in its skills and capabilities. Our main abilities include:

  • Marina design and construction
  • Marine infrastructure design and construction for public and private commercial facilities
  • Marine piling, sheet piling and navigational infrastructure
  • Design and construction of break walls and floating wave attenuators
  • Pre-cast concrete wharves and commercial jetty structures
  • Residential waterfront property pontoon, jetty and boardwalk design and construction
  • Mining and LNG gas projects, pump pontoons and water quality management pontoons
  • Recreational boating design and construction of public infrastructure facilities

Project Development

We offer a full, one-stop service from concept to construction by following a successful format as outlined below:

  • Client consultation to discuss needs and expectations
  • Development of concept plans for further discussion
  • Final development and design sign off
  • Engineering consultation and certification of the final designs
  • Submission of the necessary statutory applications for approval from the various state and federal agencies
  • Meetings and negotiations with the statutory agencies when required
  • Final development approval
  • Proceed into the construction phase
  • Project delivery
  • Practical completion

Company History

Since its beginnings in 1986, our business has grown from a residential pontoon design and construction company to a recognised, privately owned Queensland marine infrastructure contractor. We specialise in all forms of maritime projects and proudly serve all areas of Australia.

In 1996, the company implemented a growth strategy by investing and purchasing a substantive amount of piling equipment, including three barges for undertaking commercial works. This has subsequently grown to a fleet of seven piling barges of varying capacity and sizes. Our fleet of piling barges and equipment are serviced with a range of support and transfer vessels. All of our maritime equipment is registered and compliant with Queensland Maritime Safety requirements.

Noteworthy Achievements

In recent years, The Jetty Specialist has designed and constructed some of Australia’s most notable and award-winning marina developments. The majority of our completed projects have ranged from AU $20,000 to $12,000,000 and above.

Neil Morris, our director, has an extensive knowledge of the ownership and economical operation of marina developments through his directorship and involvement with Port Binnli Pty Ltd. This is a recognised waterfront property development company that owns and operates the Mackay Marina and Village and the Raby Bay Marina in Queensland. The Mackay Marina just won the Marina Industries Association Award for the second time for a having a commercial marina with more than 140 berths. 

Neil’s skills in designing marinas for the maximum return on investment for The Jetty Specialist clients is second to none.

What Sets Us Apart

Our flexibility in design and construction, as well as our experienced director and staff, set us apart in the Australian market. We are a team of loyal, experienced employees who know the marine industry well. Our barges, cranes and piling equipment provide a unique flexibility within the market and allow for proper placement of piling equipment on every project. 

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